Portfolio > SU Fall 2019 Ceramics I

These images are from all sections of Ceramics I for the Fall 2019 Semester.

The primary goal for all assignments is to develop technical skills with the tools and materials (emphasis on craftsmanship), and to help students develop their own ideas and problem solving skills. Each student's response to an assignment is unique.

Most projects are graded twice -- the first review is a 'green' review of unfired work in-progress, and this allows each student to receive feedback on their work and possibly improve their projects and continue to develop their ideas.

The projects are graded again when they are completed, but for Ceramics I, students are not graded on 'successful' glazed work....often pieces that end in ruin were the result of a student taking risks and learning the technical limitations of a material and process. Disasters are often great learning opportunities!

Most of the work depicted in this album is either unfired (first 'green' review), or fired in an electric kiln (oxidation atmosphere), or in SU's gas kiln (soda and reduction atmosphere), or Raku and other types of low fire alternative firing methods.