Portfolio > Spring 2020 Ceramics (All Levels) During Pandemic!

Spring 2020 was obviously challenging for students -- one day we met for class (as usual) and the next we had fled the campus.

However, many students were able to bring home clay, and even those who were not able to work with clay were able to work with 3D materials. Assignments were modified to address new challenges, and I felt the students adapted very well to our situation. In some ways, quarantine gave students the opportunity to really focus on their work!

We continued firing after the semester ended -- the school installed an electric kiln on the covered patio of the Student Art Center, where students could drop off work to be bisque fired, and apply and fire glazes. We also met several times to fire Raku, in a large field where we could properly distance.

This album includes students from all levels/classes for the Spring of 2020, because in many ways we became one large class!