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2-D Design, FVCC (Kalispell, MT)
2-D Design, FVCC (Kalispell, MT)

Assignment: % For Arts Project Proposal

Modeled after the % For the Arts Program, for this assignment I photograph sites in the community for ‘hypothetical’ projects. For each site there is a strict budget amount, and students not only have to create a design for their selected site, they also have to research the total cost of installation/project completion.

The image at the top is a round-about near the Kalispell city center; for this site the hypothetical situation was $10,000 allocated for a commemorative work dedicated to a local community leader, John Rawlings (FVCC Drawing Instructor). Since John is still currently living, the student presented prospective designs to John, and the finished design (below) was submitted along with a total cost analysis (purchase of stone, equipment rental, etc.)

I usually assign this project right after a student complains that none of their assignments relate to ‘the real world.’