Portfolio > Spring 2020 Ceramics (All Levels) During Pandemic!

4 student 'home' studios
4 student 'home' studios

Luckily many ceramics students were allowed to take home pottery wheels, or create a home ‘studio’ work area, when the pandemic shut down the campus at midsemester. 2,000 pounds of clay was purchased with Clay Club funds (later reimbursed by the Art Department), and I delivered this clay to my students on the Eastern Shore, around Washington D.C., Baltimore, and Philadelphia.
One of the unforeseen advantages of working at home during a quarantine – many of my students were able to produce more work than I would usually expect on-campus (our studio at SU is under 1,000 square feet, with very little storage). Students also enjoyed unlimited access to their home ‘studios,’ and I heard many stories of students practicing and working all night on their ceramic projects.

These images are all from different student’s ‘home studios.’