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Art 215 (Ceramics I) Assignment: Cups
Art 215 (Ceramics I) Assignment: Cups

Art 215 (Ceramics I) Assignment: Create at least 2 functional cups with at least one other complimentary form. These objects will comprise a thematic group.

Some students choose to interpret this assignment with very elaborate compositions; other students focus on more understated form and surface. Function and attention to detail (craftsmanship) are always the main goals. The variety of outcomes contribute to an interesting discussion on the concept and challenges of making (and using) utilitarian forms.

*At this point in the semester all of the students were working from home. This assignment was altered to accommodate working from home – students could choose to work with clay (and either not fire their work, or deliver it to school to be fired at a later date), or use alternative materials (cardboard, poster board, found objects, etc.).

The students are encouraged to document/photograph their work throughout the stages of construction, to help me assess their progress. This student wanted to use clay, but knew the pieces would never be fired, so she chose to paint her project with acrylic paint.