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Assignment: Figurative
Assignment: Figurative

Assignment: Figurative
(Idol * Totem * Statue * Mask * Doll * Effigy * Fetish * Action Figure)
Since the beginning of time humans have created objects that are abstractions of the human/animal form. There are many reasons why these objects were created – some were toys for children, while others served as objects of worship. Some ancient artifacts were created for reasons that are still unknown.
Artists often create their own mythologies and systems of meaning. For this assignment, students are tasked to create a figurative object/objects that have special meaning for them. For example, students could create a spirit guide, or alter-ego, or artistic muse.
This project was graded in two parts: ‘Green’ review, and finished/fired review.

This piece evolved out of the figurative assignment (note the small winged figure in the top left image that was edited from the final work). The finished piece was fired to cone 6 in oxidation (electric kiln).