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Art 315 (Ceramics II) Assignment: Figurative
Art 315 (Ceramics II) Assignment: Figurative

Art 315 (Ceramics II) Assignment: Figurative
(Idol * Totem * Statue * Mask * Doll * Effigy * Fetish * Action Figure)
Since the beginning of time humans have created objects that are abstractions of the human/animal form. There are many reasons why these objects were created – some were toys for children, while others served as objects of worship. Some ancient artifacts were created for reasons that are still unknown.
Artists often create their own mythologies and systems of meaning. For this assignment, you will create a figurative object/objects that have special meaning for you. For example, you could create your spirit guide, or alter-ego, or artistic muse. Whatever you choose, it should be creative and thoughtful.
There is a second part of this assignment, should you choose this project: you must write about your object(s). What you write could be factual or fictitious, that is up to you. But I want you to provide some context for the creation of this work, and this is also a thinly veiled attempt to get you to start thinking about writing an artist statement. How much should you write? The appropriate amount.
This project will be graded in three parts: ‘Green’ review, finished/fired review, and written portion.

Figurative study (3 views of one piece) created by manipulating slab cylinders. Approx. 10" fired to cone 6 in oxidation (electric kiln).